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Female EdTech Fellowship


We recently joined forces with the European EdTech Alliance to put together the Female EdTech Fellowship. This programme is meant to support the growth of the most promising female founders in the european region.

A global survey by HolonIQ shows that only 13% (104) of women CEO lead the top 800 Edtech companies worldwide compared to 87% of men, despite women playing a prominent role in positions such as school teachers and principals (70% of the world's primary school teachers are women).

We want to change that by helping existing women founders grow their business and becoming role models for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We believe in the power of networks. With this fellowship we wish to revisit traditional business networks to make this one more result-oriented in order to help female-led businesses step up:

The female edtech fellowship is meant to be a strong business focused network for the most promising women founders in European Edtech.

Our fellowship is dedicated to women ready to help each other and benefit from the collective knowledge & intelligence to scale and solve business issues.

EFF EU (1).png

We are looking for 10-15 fellows for a 2nd cohort starting July 18th, 2022.

Our fellowship is a 6-month programme for women founders in Edtech and includes collective problem solving sessions, live online thematic discussions with experts, one week-end offline to get together and build even stronger links. It's a 4 hours per month commitment for each fellow. Participating in this fellowship is free of charge.

  • You are a female founder

  • of an Edtech startup in growth (post-seed) stage

  • based in Europe

  • & are available 4 hours a month to participate in the activities

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